Store specific allocating

Send the right materials to the right stores at a speed that matches the pace of retail.

Allocate to any store data

Use store profile data to allocate marketing materials, without a spreadsheet formula in sight! Our intuitive Allocation Builder is so simple to use, anyone can do it.

Drag, Drop, Allocate!

Using any other store data to allocate with, such as stocking lists or category buying data, is as simple as Drag, Drop, and Allocate!

Quick Columns

Allocating by store size or type, customised to suit your business, is fast and simple.

Store Specific Allocations

Send store specific quantities, allocate by priority, or do combinations! The possibilities are endless.

Send fewer parcels to stores

Rule allows you to pack different campaigns, or even different elements from campaigns together. Meaning you can save a fortune in logistics costs.

Allocate a campaign in seconds

With templated campaigns it takes seconds to copy a previous promotion, add new artwork codes and then allocate against the most recent set of store data.

Case Studies

See how some of the world's biggest retailers are benefitting from Rule.

Retail marketing made simple.

“Rule has transformed the way we build in-store marketing campaigns at Post Office.”
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Powered up marketing.

Rule is the collaborative platform that has supercharged this Netherlands & Belgium based supermarket’s in-store marketing campaigns.
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Activate faster.

Using Rule, campaigns are briefed and allocation lists are produced 600% faster than before, removing days from the activation lead time for this UK supermarket.
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