Transform the briefing and distribution of in-store marketing campaigns with Rule.

“Rule has transformed the way we build in-store marketing campaigns at Post Office. The technology has reduced the time it takes from three days, to a matter of hours”
Mike Harrad
In-Store POS Marketing Manager
Post Office
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Rule, the in-store marketing tool

Over 20,000 retail outlets for some of the world's biggest brands are now benefitting from Rule.
Faster Activation

Rule creates allocation lists so you don't have to.
Our clients generate briefs, allocation lists and costs for POS campaigns in minutes rather than days.

Targeted Marketing

Our innovative Rule Builder enables you to target your campaign materials more specifically and locally than ever before, without a spreadsheet formula in sight.

Maximise Budgets

See costs as you build your campaign and make budgetary decisions instantly.

See how Rule can benefit your team.
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Running campaigns the old way is a tonne of work

You work tirelessly to give stores the optimal marketing materials. But getting there is an uphill struggle.
You need to be a Data Scientist to build allocations

You didn't go into marketing to do VLOOKUPs.

Combine and merge store data effortlessly in Rule.

Standard campaigns are anything but

This promotion has been done before, so why is it so painful?

Clone, amend and distribute to the latest store data in less than 60secs with Rule.

Your new store / refit process takes up way too much time

Scrambling through spreadsheets to work out what a new or refitted store requires is no fun.

With Rule all it takes is a few clicks.

We have very little to discuss in our monthly review meetings now as the system has solved everything!
A delighted Account Director for a Netherlands based supermarket account.
#Rule has transformed the way we build in-store marketing
campaigns at Post Office
Marketing Manager | Post Office
The only thing it doesn’t do is make us a brew!
A senior staff member at a UK based supermarket.

Sustainable POS enabled by Rule.

Reduce over production, despatch fewer packs to stores.
Localised Allocations

The most sustainable POS is not produced at all.
Localise and target marketing material allocations quickly and easily to remove over production, saving money and reducing your carbon footprint.

Accurate Data

Centralise and easily manage store data, keeping it accurate and effective to only send stores what they need.

Consolidate Packs to Stores

Merge multiple campaign allocations at the click of a button, and send fewer parcels to stores.
Great for the environment, and the bottom line.

Automated Shelf Edge Ticketing.

Rule produces store specific shelf edge tickets in the order that products are merchandised by integrating directly to your planogram data.

Store colleagues spend hours on compliant shelf edge ticketing. Multiply this across a store estate and the cost is vast.

With Rule, tickets are produced in product layout order, reducing the time to minutes.

Without Rule Ticketing

With Rule Ticketing

Case Studies

See how some of the world's biggest retailers are benefitting from Rule.

Retail marketing made simple.

“Rule has transformed the way we build in-store marketing campaigns at Post Office.”
View the case study

Powered up marketing.

Rule is the collaborative platform that has supercharged this Netherlands & Belgium based supermarket’s in-store marketing campaigns.
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Activate faster.

Using Rule, campaigns are briefed and allocation lists are produced 600% faster than before, removing days from the activation lead time for this UK supermarket.
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