Easy briefing

Briefing agencies and controlling your marketing materials has never been simpler.

Brief on the go

On the train, in store? Briefing has never been easier.

Print briefing made easy

Select from a list of your standard print elements and let Rule do the rest, or upload a brief spreadsheet.

Fast to use

Marketers are continually challenged to do more in less time. That's why Rule is packed with features such as copy & pasting data to speed up the way you work. You can even copy & paste between Rule & Excel - nice!

Campaign management

Auto populate key project deadlines based on the campaign live date, size and element lead time.

Multiple Agencies? No problem

Using more than one artwork agency for your campaign? Rule splits out your briefing documents so you don't have to.

Multiple Producers? Just as easy

It's simple with Rule to split out your campaign documents for different printers.

Control stock overs

Printing stock overs for store call offs? Let Rule apply a default percentage or manually override to ensure you produce what you desire.

Instant Pricing

Instant POS pricing to your rate card means you can iterate and play with your campaign budget to maximise your spend.

New Store Orders

It can be tricky to know what POS and signage a new or refitted store requires. Rule calculates this for you in less time than it takes to read this sentence.

Case Studies

See how some of the world's biggest retailers are benefitting from Rule.

Retail marketing made simple.

“Rule has transformed the way we build in-store marketing campaigns at Post Office.”
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Powered up marketing.

Rule is the collaborative platform that has supercharged this Netherlands & Belgium based supermarket’s in-store marketing campaigns.
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Activate faster.

Using Rule, campaigns are briefed and allocation lists are produced 600% faster than before, removing days from the activation lead time for this UK supermarket.
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