Your Store Audits

A key piece of the puzzle

Holding a detailed understanding of your store estate provides a competitive edge for retailers. From reducing allocations of materials to stores, to ensuring budgets are maximised, having the knowledge of exactly what the store estate looks like empowers centralised store support teams to make the right decisions.

Accurate data in your pocket

+ Sites get exactly what they need

+ Reduce costs

+ Reduce your waste and carbon footprint

+ Trust your data, enabling a faster turnaround

+ Maximise space usage by knowing the details of fixture locations and quantities


As the experts in retail store audits, we undergo a detailed, tried and tested planning phase to ensure that the execution and output of a store audit provides the intended results. From questionnaire design to test audits, from the right technology to selecting a data gathering method, at Rule we are experienced in ensuring a successful project that ultimately delivers data in its most usable form.

Teaming up

Store Colleagues

+ Knowledge of fixtures/locations

+ Understand what types of POS are used for each fixture

+ Can capture data at any time

+ Less costly

+ Difficult to achieve compliance

+ Less reliable data


External Auditors

+ Experienced at data capture

+ Data capturing is sole focus

+ Higher level of compliance

+ Require a clearly defined question set

+ Less experienced with store layouts

+ Revisits may be costly

We advise on the best data capture methods based on the information you are seeking to gather.

Regardless of how you collect data

+ Data needs to be useable

+ Questions need to be correct and considered

+ Data types need to be restricted by logical inputs (i.e. text in dropdown menus)

+ Require a clearly defined question set

+ This ensures consistency and usability in the final data set

+ Measurements must be uniform (e.g mm only)

Giving you the details

We develop and provide a detailed audit guide for the people undertaking the data collection to achieve consistency in responses. For example, ensuring all people take measurements using the same unit of measurement, and ensuring that a certain object is measured in the same way.

And keeping you up to date

Our project managers provide daily and weekly updates on audit progress to keep you fully informed every step of the way.

Data with purpose

+ Data can be useless if not managed well.

+ At Rule, we have developed technology that allows complex retail data to be easily understood. Our experts will advise on the best methods to drive business action from your data.

Our experience

The data we collected for Primark led to a reduction in the amount of marketing materials sent to stores which more than paid for the cost of the audit within the first year.

It also captured where old branding appeared across the store estate in order for this to be replaced.

Our experience
JD Sports

162,000 pieces of data and 18,000 images were captured. This data showed that many marketing materials were being either under or over allocated meaning stores either did not have what they required, or were receiving too much wasted POS.

A refresh of campaign allocations has ensured that JD are maximising their spend with the confidence that stores are receiving exactly what they need.

Your audit, your way

Use Rule on Tablets or Smartphones

Collect, drag and drop to import into Rule

Rule is available on mobile devices, making your audits paper-free and swift.