Store data made simple

Constantly changing store estates are easy to keep on top of, with Rule.

Easy navigation

Store data is continually changing. With Rule it's easy to search, sort and then update any store data.

New data? No problem.

Add and remove data fields as required

See full history of changes

See who, what and when for every change made to any data within Rule. And if required simply undo.

Fast to use

Marketers are continually challenged to do more in less time. That's why Rule is packed with features such as copy & pasting data to speed up the way you work. You can even copy & paste between Rule & Excel - nice!

Stay in control of deliveries

If a store is being refurbed simply mark the dates it closes and re-opens and Rule will do the rest.

Collaborate with your team

Work on data and projects simultaneously with your team, Google Sheets style.

Case Studies

See how some of the world's biggest retailers are benefitting from Rule.

Retail marketing made simple.

“Rule has transformed the way we build in-store marketing campaigns at Post Office.”
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Powered up marketing.

Rule is the collaborative platform that has supercharged this Netherlands & Belgium based supermarket’s in-store marketing campaigns.
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Activate faster.

Using Rule, campaigns are briefed and allocation lists are produced 600% faster than before, removing days from the activation lead time for this UK supermarket.
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