Enabling sustainability in POS.

The most sustainable POS isn't printed at all. Send stores only what they need, with Rule.

Rule enables sustainability in POS.

We've all seen the roll cages of excess POS sat in the store room. It's easy to understand why - allocating marketing materials store specifically means combining store fixture, product and geographical data that comes from different sources. Merging this into a coherent set of POS allocations is cumbersome spreadsheet work, highly prone to manual error. At least it used to be. Rule's intuitive Allocation Builder and data merging features means targeted, localised distribution of marketing materials can now be achieved effortlessly.

Remove over-production of POS

"We can easily build targeted, segmented and complex marketing allocations through the intuitive allocation-builder. This means we are confident that branches are receiving the materials and messaging that they need, when they need it, whilst also helping to eliminate waste," says Mike Harrad, In-Store POS Marketing Manager for Post Office.

It is a similar story for one of Europe's biggest fashion retailers who saw an annualised saving of £76k by targeting their window POS more accurately. We worked with them to audit over 300 stores across the continent and analyse over 150,000 pieces of data, leading to less POS being produced and a reduction in the supply chain's carbon footprint.

Consolidating campaigns.

Almost a decade ago the team behind Rule consolidated POS packs despatched to stores for one of the UK's 'big four' supermarkets. Separate promotional campaigns were merged at collate & pack stage resulting in 100,000 fewer parcels to store, each year. Whilst delivering a huge benefit the process was manual and managed by a team of Account Managers, now, with Rule, the same result can be achieved in seconds.

186 tonnes of plastic removed.

"A reduction in raw material consumption of approximately 186 tonnes per annum along with the realisation of a shared commercial benefit."

And for the same retailer the team were awarded Supplier of the Year in 2013 for work to remove 186 tonnes of plastic from the POS production process, without any material impact of the effectiveness or visibility of POS.

"As experts in retail POS all of this past insight has gone into the consultancy services and technology platform - Rule - that we offer today." Jack Rossiter, Director of Route Thirty Six Ltd, creators of Rule.

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Retail marketing made simple.

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Powered up marketing.

Rule is the collaborative platform that has supercharged this Netherlands & Belgium based supermarket’s in-store marketing campaigns.
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Activate faster.

Using Rule, campaigns are briefed and allocation lists are produced 600% faster than before, removing days from the activation lead time for this UK supermarket.
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